Seven piece beat band bring Trad Jazz swinging into the 21st Century

                                                                  "These guys are the REAL DEAL," DJ Derek

                                                              CLICK TO BUY OXFORD KNEES UP TICKETS

"Probably the most exciting live band on the circuit today"... The Oxford Times

"Noisy and raucous and dangerously sexy" ... BBC Radio 6 

"The authentic sound of New Orleans - possibly during a hurricane" ... Nightshift

                                                                                  "So good they should be prescribed on the NHS" ... BBC Radio Oxford

                                                    "A brilliant band, who always get people dancing" ... Rob Da Bank, Bestival Founder, BBC Radio One

o                                                                     OXFORD ANNUAL KNEES UP TICKETS ON SALE NOW. EVENT 10 Feb 2017 #FrenchRevolution



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